The one thing you can do when you feel you can’t do anything.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, you’re only human. You’ll have good days, and bad. You’ll have high energy days, and low. You’ll have days of unbelievable clarity and others where you feel you have no idea what you’re doing or where to start.

That’s normal. In fact, you should prepare for those days because they’re a given.

We all know it’s not difficult to get our work done on the good days: when our energy is high, we have a crystal clear idea of what…

How to switch from waiting for gifted inspiration to creating your own.

In Greek mythology, the nine Muses were goddesses of creative inspiration. Artists, musicians, and poets of ancient Greece and Rome would invoke the Muses for assistance and guidance in the creation process of their art. They believed that creating art, in all its forms, was beyond their control and that divine intervention was necessary not only to spark the creative impulse to create epic poetry, song, and other works of art but also to impart the knowledge that informs their content.

Depending on their art form, creators would…

And how love has already taught you all you need to know about it.

When my mom passed away from cancer, I was 22 years old. I was at the end of my time at university, trying to make sure I left with the degree I’d gone there for. I was working a few hours a week teaching English to South Korean teens who had recently immigrated to South Africa. And, I was about 3 years into my relationship with my now-husband. I was at my beginning.

I didn’t think much about time then, except that it always seemed to drag. Time passed much more slowly when I was younger. …

The importance of team coffee breaks and chit-chat for creativity and inspiration at work and beyond.

“What’s mascara in Portuguese?”


“What — like, as in Rimmel the cosmetics brand?”

“I don’t know.”

Thus began our Google search for which came first — the Portuguese word rímel or the cosmetics brand Rimmel. And what did we discover? That Eugène Rimmel, founder of the cosmetics House of Rimmel in 1834, invented mascara. So, the Portuguese word for mascara came from the inventor’s name (portuguesified, but recognisable all the same).

For someone who works with words, this discovery was a wonderful, unexpected gem. One for the notebook. And, how did it happen? It happened as a result of…

The one skill required for all art forms and how photography can make you a better writer.

In my first year of high school, I switched a lackluster Latin for Art. I am no artist: I stand in the doorway of art looking in, admiring those that occupy the room, seemingly gifted with talent.

I wondered whether it was in fact endowed talent or if art was a skill that could be learned. I asked a final year art student in my hostel how she did it — paint such beautiful and life-like portraits — and what she told me has stayed with me.

She said, “it’s all about seeing.”


To see — to perceive by the…

Searching for ways to feel at home in the world.

The Era of Constant News

There’s a saying that no news is good news.

With social media, we don’t really have occasion to use this saying anymore to assuage our worries in the absence of contact. When they’re away from us, family and friends usually share photos and posts, keeping us all up to date.

No news is now a rarity.

When it comes to world news, the same is true. Unfortunately, it’s in keeping with that old saying. There’s always news and it seems to be an endless stream of the bad kind.

Rationally, I know that this doesn’t mean the world is a…

A chance to reassess how we live and to create our ‘new normal’.

This pandemic has, for all its destruction and chaos, offered us an unprecedented opportunity to reassess.

We have been forced to live life differently: to be at home, confined with or separated from our loved ones, doing less, and spending less. It’s made us think hard and fast about what we really need to get by every day.

For me, it has brought bubbling to the surface feelings, or dissatisfactions, that I’ve had about the systems that govern our lives and society, particularly related to the installed economic system and the norms that govern it.

I have felt for a…

Global pandemics, a new reality, and option B.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary since the Covid-19 pandemic took ahold of the globe earlier this year.

Words like comorbidity and zoonosis hadn’t made it into my daily vocabulary. We’ve even added new words to the English language, like covidiot (a personal favourite) which, according to this article, refers to ‘any and every person behaving stupidly or irresponsibly as the epidemic spreads’. And, while their meaning is not unfathomable upon first sight, phrases like social distancing, contact tracing, and flattening the curve hadn’t really crossed my mind, until now.

Now, this is…

The breadcrumb-by-breadcrumb strategy of reading.

Books are special things. Pages of paper bound together and enclosed in thin cardboard, they are vulnerable — easily ruined by everyday stuff: coffee, rain, time.

In spite of their fragile physical form, readers will know that beneath their covers there lies great power: to transport, to educate, to heal, to comfort.

Books are portals. They are medicine, they are companions, they are coaches in life and in learning. With the right book in your hands, there isn’t much you can’t accomplish.

If, for a second, you doubt this, think of that time you read exactly the right book at…

Beyond craft and into the meat of writing.

We spend a lot of time working on the nuts and bolts of writing, the crafting of sentences, paragraphs, and pieces that we hope will be read and enjoyed. Writing craft is very important, but it is only half of the greater whole that makes your writing interesting and enjoyable.

The other half has to do with what you have to say, what you have to contribute to the conversation — the content of your writing.

The Shire of Writing

When we begin our journey as writers we almost always begin with the mechanics of putting words together in a way that is both…

Verity Marques

Consultant & coach at work, writer at heart. I help people create their content & tell the world about it.

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